About the author

José Luís Jorge was born and still resides in Leiria. Degree in Social Comunication. In 1988 he attended a beginner’s course in photography at FAOJ. In 2000-2001 he studied at Ar.CO. In 2008 he participated in a workshop given by the North-American photographer Frans Lanting entitled ‘Every picture tells a story’. In 2012 attended Digital Photography and Photography, Space, Place and Landscape at ESAD-CR.
As a photojournalist in the area of the written press he has published works in various newspapers and magazines such as Diário de Leiria, Região de Leiria, Jornal de Leiria, Público, Sol, Expresso, Tempo Livre, Invest, Visão, Volta ao Mundo, UP Magazine and Modernis.ro –Romanian Art Magazine. He has also carried out work in the documental photography area for enterprises and official entities, while simultaneously working on personal projects.
He is the author of the book O Cheiro das Especiarias and co-author of Os Trabalhadores Laneiros no Distrito de Leiria and Sensibilidades 25. His work has also been shown in both individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, France and Germany. In 2008 he was awarded an honorable mention in the 8th Visão/BES Photojournalism awards. He won first place in the “Pampilhosa Inspira Natureza” contest.